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DUI Controlled Substance

DUI Controlled Substance in Georgia

For many, the concept of a DUI is associated primarily with alcohol consumption, but the fact of the matter is that charges of operating under the influence can also be lodged against those suspected of driving with illegal or prescription drugs in their system. Just as it does with regard to drunk driving, Georgia takes drugged driving extremely seriously, imposing severe consequences on individuals found guilty of this type of offense. Incarceration, monetary fines, probation, community service requirements and other onerous consequences are possible for those who take illegal drugs and get behind the wheel. In addition, convictions within this category can result in a loss of driving privileges, professional license revocation, difficulty securing employment and other ripple effects that can be tough to escape.

Clearly, anyone facing a charge of DUI with controlled substances or illegal drugs requires the assistance of a skilled attorney who can explore all avenues of legal defense and fight for the best possible outcome. At Morris Law, P.C., we stand prepared to shoulder the burden during what is inevitably a stressful, uncertain time for those accused of a DUI offense.

Georgia DUI Law

The Georgia statute addressing driving under the influence of drugs is found at O.C.G.A. § 40-6-391, and it provides that no driver shall operate or be in physical control of a vehicle while found to be impacted by any drug to the extent that such activity is unsafe or while any amount of marijuana or controlled substance is present in the blood or urine, including the metabolites and derivatives of those drugs. However, it should be noted that anyone who is legally entitled to take an included drug must be found incapable of operating a vehicle safely due to its use in order to be in violation of the statute.

It is also necessary for Georgia drivers to realize that the legislature has also passed a “per se” or zero tolerance provision with regard to driving under the influence of drugs. This permits law enforcement officers to make arrests as long as he or she has a reasonable suspicion that a prohibited substance is in a driver’s system during operation of a vehicle.

There can be no doubt about the no-nonsense manner in which offenses of this nature are treated, and that is why vigorous legal defense is critical to those facing charges.

Important Facts About Prohibited Substances

The types of drugs at which Georgia’s DUI regulations are aimed include any chemical substance or drug that is subject to regulation by the government. The federal Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act includes an extensive schedule of drugs and ranks them based on their propensity to lead to abuse or addiction and whether they also have accepted, medicinal uses. In addition to the drugs and chemicals included on this list, the prohibitions embodied in Georgia DUI law extend to intentional intoxication through the use of glues, aerosols or other toxic vapors which render a driver unsafe to be on the roads.

Why Aggressive Legal Defense is So Crucial

DUI convictions related to the use of controlled substances or other illegal drugs can produce a cascade of negative effects that can last a lifetime. From loss of employment to loss of personal liberty, the consequences of being found guilty of such an offense can be extremely difficult to overcome.

Because of the profoundly harmful impact a DUI charge threatens to have on the life of every defendant and those they love, nothing must be left to chance.

An experienced defense attorney can be an invaluable ally in the fight to protect your rights, your livelihood and your prospects for a productive future.

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