What is ALS and Why the Urgency?

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After an arrest for DUI, you may have run across a warning that a 10-day time limit is running. “Hurry up…you have 10 days,” you might have heard a few times. What does that mean, and what should you do? The 10-day limit refers to your ability to contest your impending license suspension. Duri...

Protect your Rights

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This article highlights the need to protect and preserve your rights when suspected of or charged with Driving Under the Influence, both before and after arrest.  The most important thing you can do after an arrest for DUI or any other criminal offense is to hire an attorney. This article is p...

Jill Morris Among the top 10 in Georgia

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Jill Morris Has Been Nominated and Accepted as a 2016 AIOCLA'S 10 Best in Georgia For Client Satisfaction The American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of Georgia's Criminal Law Attorney Jill Morris as 2016 10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys for Client S...

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ALS Hearing

You only have 30 days after a DUI arrest to fight to keep your license to drive. You have to request an Administrative License Suspension hearing (ALS hearing) or your driver’s license could be automatically suspended for up to a year. Call your DUI Defense Team today.