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We at the Morris Legal Team have dealt with multiple cases involving licensed medical professionals with DUI and/or drug possession accusations.  Through these cases we have become acutely aware of the licensing concerns involved when a licensed medical professional such as a physician, nurse, physician's assistant, respitory therapist, dentist, etc. faces charges stemming from alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs.  As we deal more with the specific issues facing physicians and other licensed medical professionals during this stressful time, it became clear that they were not getting their legal needs met as efficiently and affectively as they should.

Dealing with DUI or drug charges is not easy.  You need help getting through maze of court hearings, options for resolving your case, and keeping your driving privileges.  Add in your very livlihood being on the line through the possibility of the Georgia Composite Medical Board or other licensing authority suspending or revoking your license, and it is too much for anyone to handle alone.  When dealing with clients in this situation we found that inevitably they had to hire two attorneys.  One to protect the rights as to the criminal charges and one to protect their livlihood by negotiating with the Medical Board and the Attorney General's Office.  This is because there were no criminal attorneys in the area experienced in negotiating with the Medical Board and the statutes that governed its authority and decisions, and attorneys experienced with the Medical Board were typically medical malpractice specialists who lacked extensive DUI/criminal law experience.

What resulted was far from ideal.  First, the clients had two attorneys to deal with the ramifications of what is essentially the same issue.  While we did everything in our power to work with the attorney hired to negotiate with the Medical Board and the Attorney General's Office on licensing issues and the other attorney did the same with our firm, the whole experience was not what it could have been.  Even with both lawyers and firms providing competent and thorough representation as to the issue on which they were hired, it became obvious to us that something important was missing.  

When a physician or other licensed medical professional is in both criminal and professional jeopardy they need one firm they can trust to get them through the entirety of both issues.  At Morris Legal Team, we have experience walking clients in this situation through both the legal and licensing ramifications these charges can bring.  Seeing first hand how this should work with the client being able to look to one attorney to guide them through this trying time, we are focused on handling the criminal and professional licensure issues jointly to attain the best results possible for our clients.

If you are a physician or other licensed medical professional facing DUI/drug charges, call us today.  We will be the only firm you need to help you through this trying time.

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