Medical Professionals & DUI or Drug Offenses

When a medical professional is charged with a DUI or drug offense, retaining competent representation is paramount.  Licensed medical professionals such as physicians, physicians assistants, respiratory therapists, and nurses not only have their freedom, driving privileges, and current employment at stake they also face the potential that the Medical Board could take away their ability to practice their livelihood.  Licensed medical professionals need comprehensive legal advise as to both their criminal charges and the licensing issues facing them.

In the past, that meant hiring one attorney to fight for and protect your rights in the criminal arena and one to protect your livelihood and license.  This was neither the most efficient nor best use of the client's time, money, and energy resources.  Having two firms and two attorneys handle the consequences of the same issue presents a myriad of problems for both the client and attorneys.  It requires constant communication between the client and two attorneys, as well as, between the attorneys themselves.  Even then there is a constant risk that the client's interests in either the criminal or licensing arenas could be put in jeopardy by a well meaning attorney competently practicing in their field of expertise, but unaware of the consequences their advise may have on the other arena.

Through our experiences representing physicians and other licensed medical professionals accused of DUI and/or drug offenses, we became exposed to the issues surrounding licensure, in addition to those surrounding the criminal proceedings.  As we gained experience with the issues involved when the Georgia Composite Medical Board and other licensing authorities consider suspending a professional license, we began to see the urgent need to serve clients' interests fully in this time of need by providing thorough and comprehensive representation of all their issues arising from DUI and/or drug charges.  To that end, we set our primary focus toward ensuring that Georgia physicians and other licensed medical professionals have one firm they can trust to represent their total interests in this very trying time.

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ALS Hearing

You only have 30 days after a DUI arrest to fight to keep your license to drive. You have to request an Administrative License Suspension hearing (ALS hearing) or your driver’s license could be automatically suspended for up to a year. Call your DUI Defense Team today.